Digital Skills Passport (Essential Computer Literacy)

How to use computer hardware; common terminology; how to operate the computer; common software platforms; accessing files; email; computer viruses and how to protect against them.

The Internet and the World Wide Web, webbased services, buying online, Voice over IP, safety online, personal information and security online, parental controls and how to use them.

Upload, download, share and store Music and Audio Files. Buying music online and operating MP3 devices.

Privacy and safety online. Using social networks and creating your online profile. Connecting with friends online while protecting your privacy. Shopping online safely.

Operate software on a digital camera. Storing, sharing and printing digital images. Creating outputs with your digital photographs.

Operate a digital video device. Edit, organise and enhance your digital videos. Create outputs and share your digital videos through the internet.

Creating CDs and DVDs. Upload and share your files. Understand the memory and capacity of your computer and devices. Backing up your data, Legal issues and copyright.